Waupun to Plymouth, WI

Well, we knew days like this would come, so we finally have it. It rained steadily all through the ride today. Bob Hensler (a.k.a. Montana Bob) said his goodbyes to us this morning, as he left on his bike with his two daughters, all three wearing “Sponge Bob” bike jerseys. I got an early start at 7:00am, again with Colleen, Molly, and Marisa. It was not too cold, so the rain was not too bad, once we got off of the main highway away from traffic, and onto nice county roads outside of town.

After a wet lunch, we followed the Kettle Morain Scenic Drive, a beautiful road past marshes, lakes, and woods. We stopped at the local bike shop in Plymouth, Back Door Bicyles, on the way to the high school. I bought a small cable lock, and a new mirror that attaches to my helmet. At the start of the trip, I used an eyeglass mirror that I had bought from a vendor on the TOSRV ride. Some time after my accident in Idaho, I misplaced that mirror. After completelly unpacking and re-packing my bags twice, I have decided that it is lost for good. I had recently beenusing an eyeglass mirror that I borrowed from Brian Hall, so I gave that back to him after setting up the new one on my helmet.

The school was comfortable, and the showers were nice and hot. After getting cleaned up, I walked back into town with the women, and we got some lunch at De O’Malley’s Pizza Pub. Then Colleen, Marisa, and I went to the public library to catch up on e-mail. When we were finished, we still had a little more time to kill before dinner, so there was a coffee shop just around the corner. We went in and chatted for a while with Jane, David Butler, Debbie, Richard, and Adrian, who is a friend of Richard’s from Denver with us for the week. Dinner was a buffet at the Plymouth Family Restaurant just up the street.

After Tour Talk back at the school, I ended up winning second place (and $10) in this week’s road relics contest, with the cell phone faceplate and charger cord that I had found the morning we left Pepin. David Butler won with a charred doll figure that he had found and labeled “the effect of forgetting to wear sunscreen.”

A number of people went back downtown to celebrate Lisa’s birthday, but I suddenly felt very tired, so I went to bed early.

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