Letter from William R. Marsch

Thank you from the Melanoma Research Foundation and the melanoma community.

We very much appreciate your support of the Madzia Family at the September 17th fundraiser on behalf of the Melanoma Research Foundation. We appreciate your partnership with us and our national efforts ro raise money for melanoma research.

Our priority message must be: Every hour of every day, someone dies of melanoma in the United States. Melanoma strikes people of all ages, all races, all economic levels and both sexes. It is the most common cancer for women 25-29 and the second most common cancer for women 30-34. The incidence of melanoma is increasing faster than any other cancer. Today, an American’s lifetime risk of developing melanoma is one in 75; by 2010, is expected to be one in 50.

We know that the medical and research challenges facing the melanoma community are many, but the opportunities available to the Melanoma Research Foundation to make significant and meaningful differences are greater. Our mission is clear – research, education and advocacy. With your support, you are helping us make a difference.

This past year the Madzia Family raised money to co-sponsor a research grant for Dr. Mikhail Nikiforov at the University of Michigan, in memory of George Madzia. We plan to continue Dr. Nikiforov’s second year grant with your 2006 support.

Many thanks from MRF, the melanoma community, and the Madzia Family.


William R. Marsch
Program Director

Beer ‘n Brats Party

On Sunday September 17, 2006, a “Beer ‘n Brats” party was held at The Farm Restaurant in Mount Pleasant, Ohio. Our guests enjoyed selections of domestic and imported beer and bratwursts, as well as other tasty side dishes and beverages. Live music for the evening was played by Dan Pinciaro.

Many thanks to those in attendance, as well as those who were not able to attend, but sent donations. A total of $2,118.00 was raised for The Melanoma Research Foundation.

Jerry & Donna Anderson, Adena, OH
Diane Basich, Adena, OH
John & Becky Black, Adena, OH
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathon Bowman, Wheeling, WV
John & Maggi Campbell, Steubenville, OH
Tom & Connie Crothers, Adena, OH
Sally Culler, Mount Pleasant, OH
Michele Dorgan, Wheeling WV
Keven & Jennifer Fazio, Solon, OH
Bob & Lynn Ferda, Adena, OH
Joyce George, Cadiz, OH
Kerry, Chris, & Carrie George, Adena, OH
George & Irma Hooker, Adena, OH
Elsie Kaminski, Colerain, OH
David Karbowsky & Gwen Brogan, Carnegie, PA
Marlyn Klee, Brooklyn, NY
Ron & Linda Kovalski, Adena, OH
Ron & Chris Kowalski, Adena, OH
Margaret Kruszewski, Adena, OH
Carol Lepic, Saint Clairsville, OH
George & Linda Luke, Adena, OH
Jeff, Marianne, Juliana, & Alex Madzia, Saint Clairsville, OH
Jeff & Shelly Masloski, Adena, OH
Jim & Kathy Masloski, Lockbourne, OH
Vivian Masloski, Adena, OH
Matt & Candace McBee, Moundsville, WV
Martin & June McKim, Adena, OH
Larry & Karen Michalo, Dillonvale, OH
Paul Moore, Richmond, OH
Dan Obertance, Steubenville, OH
Betty Oxley, Adena, OH
Vince & Shirley Pastre, Adena, OH
Virginia Petricca, Atlasburg, PA
Ray & Pam Petrilla, Adena, OH
Jim & Alexis Petrilla, Saint Clairsville, OH
Dan Pinciaro, Steubenville, OH
Dorothy Rauscher, Adena, OH
John & Carol Repka, Yorkville, OH
Ted & Bonnie Riggle, New Concord, OH
John & Brenda Roski, Adena, OH
Mary Agnes Roski, Adena, OH
Dave & Carolyn Saksa, Cadiz, OH
Phil & Sherry Sawchuk, Mount Pleasant, OH
Becky Schneider, Coraopolis, PA
Jake & Blanche Schneider, Atlasburg, PA
Betty Shannon, Burgettstown, PA
Dan Signorini, Tiltonsville, OH
Buzz & Lisa Smith, Saint Clairsville, OH
Paul & Sara Spragg, Adena, OH
Jim & Danielle Sobleski, Adena, OH
Brenda Spear, Wintersville, OH
Chuck & Linda Strizak, Mount Pleasant, OH
Harry & Pat Thompson, Adena, OH
Joe & Sarah Truini, Adena, OH
Fred & Carol Webb, Adena, OH
Ned & Jean Woolums, Saint Clairsville, OH
Ted & Mary Woolums, Massillon, OH
Helen Yanczura, Adena, OH
Bob & Diane Yanok, Adena, OH
Janice Zalewski, Adena, OH
Frank & Cheryl Zamski, Dillonvale, OH
Frank & MaryAnn Zeroski, Adena, OH
Mike & Bunny Zonkoski, Adena, OH