Adventure Cyclist June 2008

We’d like to thank the Adventure Cycling Association for listing us in their "Companions Wanted" section of the June 2008 issue of Adventure Cyclist Magazine:

Ohio to Tierra del Fuego  August 2008 through April 2009. Two mid-40s, easygoing males riding to raise awareness and funds for melanoma research. Probably taking the UGRR for the first leg. Join us any part of the way to provide fresh faces and perspective, or helpl us out with a warm shower. If interested, see or email

Saddles provided by WTB

Wilderness Trail BikesI’m excited to report that Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) has agreed to provide saddles (seats) for our bikes. WTB saddles are my favorite, and I’ve been using them on most of my bikes for the past several years. I received the WTB Speed V ProGel saddle last week, and got it set up on my Diamondback Transporter right away, and it feels great.

A big thanks to Peter Pelychaty, the Eastern Regional Technical Manager for WTB, for making it happen.

WTB was founded in 1982 in Marin County, California, and provides high-quality components and accessories for mountain bikes, including saddles, wheels, tires, pedals, grips, and handlebars.



The WTB Speed V ProGel saddle on the Diamondback Transporter