Coast to Coast Ride Donors and Sponsors

Thank you to all of these individual donors who made the Coast to Coast 2004 event a success, contributing a total of over $13,000, all of which went directly to the Melanoma Research Foundation:

Bruce Adams, Pittsburgh, PA
Craig Allen, Toronto, OH
Jeff Anderson, Steubenville, OH
Jerry & Donna Anderson, Adena, OH
Jim & Kathy Aspenwall, Mt. Pleasant, OH
Amy & George Baggott, Sunnyvale, CA
Richard & Jane Barker, Flushing, OH
Dan & Carol Bednar, Adena, OH
Dan & Susan Bednarski, Adena, OH
Randy & Shirley Bednarski, Adena, OH
John Bedway, Cadiz, OH
Tony & Nancy Bedway, Wheeling, WV
Cheryl Bellrose & Chris Mayhew, Pittsburgh, PA
Don & Janice Bernosky, Adena, OH
John & Rebecca Black, Adena, OH
Brian & Beth Blake, Moundsville, WV
Mark Bold, Pittsburgh, PA
Margaret Brown, Adena, OH
Robert & Rebecca Button, Westlake, OH
Gary Bywaters, Ambridge, PA
John & Margaret Campbell, Steubenville, OH
Carson Chow, Bethesda, MD
Mark & Jan Citro, Pickerington, OH
Mary Rose Coe, Flushing, OH
Michele & Paul Coffland, Cadiz, OH
Tammy Collins, Pittsburgh, PA
Jennifer Cox, Turtle Creek, PA
Tom & Connie Crothers, Adena, OH
Beth & Eduardo Cruz, Crofton, MD
Nancy Cullen, Harrisville, OH
Karen & Joe DaVia, Adena, OH
Elaine Davis & Bob Hudak, Allison Park, PA
Jerry & Jean Donley, Adena, OH
Michele Dorgan, Wheeling, WV
Ed & Glenda Dulkoski, Adena, OH
Louise Dulkoski, Adena, OH
Sarah Farmer, Rayland, OH
Keven & Jennifer Fazio, Solon, OH
Beth Fedorowich, Pittsburgh, PA
Bob & Lynn Ferda, Adena, OH
Bryan P. Fisher, D.M.D., Pittsburgh, PA
David & Connie Forbes, Mechanicsburg, PA
Joan Pruneski Gebhart, Springboro, OH
Kerry & Chris George, Adena, OH
Amy Gianelli, Pittsburgh, PA
Dan Goga, Adena, OH
Barbara Grabowski, Pittsburgh, PA
Saeeda Hafiz, San Francisco, CA
Rebecca Hajiran, Wheeling, WV
Dr. & Mrs. James Hall, Pittsburgh, PA
Nedra Hartzell, Washington, DC
Susan Hartzell, Key West, FL
Judy Herilla, Springdale, PA
David Hoffman, Pittsburgh, PA
David Hogg, Pittsburgh, PA
James & Lisa Isaacs, Orlando, FL
Pauline Irvin, Rayland, OH
Jim & Darla Kalman, Rayland, OH
Herman Kamin, Pittsburgh, PA
Elsie Kaminski, Colerain, OH
David Karbowsky, Carnegie, PA
Kathryn & Charles Karnack, Pittsburgh, PA
Rose Kasprowski, St. Clairsville, OH
Marlyn Klee, Brooklyn, NY
Scott Krebs, Pittsburgh, PA
Michael & Elizabeth Kostolansky, Summit, NJ
Bill Kyle, Cadiz, OH
Joyce Lundberg, Winter Park, FL
Donna MacIsaac, Mountain View, CA
Jeff & Marianne Madzia, St. Clairsville, OH
Phil & Barb Madzia, Cadiz, OH
Sandra Madzia, Adena, OH
Rose Malanowski, Adena, OH
Nancy & Ron Malin, Adena, OH
Chester & Vinci Masloski, Adena, OH
Sigmund & Kathy Masloski, Columbus, OH
Vivian Masloski, Adena, OH
Martin & June McKim, Adena, OH
Bill & Tina Mehl, Belmont, OH
Larry & Karen Michalo, Dillonvale, OH
Nick & Hilda Miric, Adena, OH
Angela Nofsinger, Wexford, PA
Anna Noller, Pittsburgh, PA
Dan Obertance, Steubenville, OH
Victor & Delores Obertance, Toronto, OH
Betty Oxley, Adena, OH
Claire Palmgren, Pittsburgh, PA
Joe & Millie Parish, Adena, OH
Jacques Parker & Judy Masucci, Wexford, PA
John Parkinson, Wintersville, OH
Pam & Ray Petrilla, Adena, OH
Dan Pinciaro, Steubenville, OH
John & Erma Queses, Adena, OH
Dorothy Rauscher, Adena, OH
Carol & John Repka, Yorkville, OH
Roger & Melanie Reynolds, Adena, OH
Patty Ricci, Pittsburgh, PA
Paul Ricci, Pittsburgh, PA
Ted & Bonnie Riggle, New Concord, OH
Kathleen Rogers, Lodi, OH
John & Brenda Roski, Adena, OH
Mary Agnes Roski, Adena, OH
Christa & Frankie Ross, Murrysville, PA
Eugene & Jeanette Rowland, Bloomingdale, OH
Don & Signe Rudberg, Pittsburgh, PA
Karen Rusen & Mychael Morohovich, Pittsburgh, PA
Phil & Sherry Sawchuk, Mt. Pleasant, OH
Jay & Erica Schleicher, Los Gatos, CA
Jake & Blanche Schneider, Atlasburg, PA
Rebecca Schneider, Pittsburgh, PA
Jim & Betty Sekerak, Independence, OH
Sabrina Shaner, Pittsburgh, PA
David & Suzie Siburt, Bloomingdale, OH
Edwin & Barbara Siegel, Pittsburgh,
PA Jamie Siegel, Pittsburgh, PA
Robert & Sally Skillen, Pittsburgh, PA
Roger & Donna Sliva, Adena, OH
Buzz & Lisa Smith, St. Clairsville, OH
James & Danielle Sobleski, Adena, OH
Tammie Sonnier, Houston, TX
Brenda Spear, Wintersville, OH
Paul & Sara Spragg, Adena, OH
Linda & John Steffl, Mt. Pleasant, OH
Roger & Marlene Stewart, Bridgeport, OH
John Strait, Pittsburgh, PA
Charles & Linda Strizak, Mt. Pleasant, OH
Jack & Lynn Sweeney, Adena, OH
Joseph & Marge Talarico, Yorkville, OH
Harry & Pat Thompson, Adena, OH
Ann Tomer, West Mifflin, PA
Chester & Magdaline Truchan, St. Clairsville, OH
Sarah & Joe Truini, Adena, OH
Renée Vandepitte, Oostende, Belgium
Robert & Toni Vargo, Mechanicsville, MD
Jerry & Barbara Vinci, Tiltonsville, OH
Alex Voght, Massillon, OH
Brenda Waligura, Reynoldsburg, OH
Kevin Wander, Pittsburgh, PA
Henry & Emma Wang, Pittsburgh,
PA Andrew Waters, Gibsonia, PA
Fred & Carol Webb, Adena, OH
Rick & Becky Wilhelm, St. Clairsville, OH
Charles A. Wilson, Jr., St. Clairsville, OH
Robert Wimer, Newnan, GA
Jill Winer, San Diego, CA
John & Jennifer Woolums, Annapolis, MD
Ned & Jean Woolums, St. Clairsville, OH
Ted & Mary Woolums, Massillon, OH
Tom & Chris Yakubowski, Akron, OH
Robert & Diane Yanok, Adena, OH
Janice Zalewski, Adena, OH
Julius & Bridget Zamski, Adena, OH
Angie Zeroski, Taylor Mill, KY
Gary & Debbie Zeroski, Adena, OH
Frank & Ann Zeroski, Adena, OH
Michael & Bunny Zonkoski, Adena, OH

Thank you to the following organizations for their donations and/or support:

scendent.jpgScendent Hosting Solutions, LLC provided web site hosting free of charge for this site during the time of the Coast to Coast Tour.

AmericanLegionAuxiliary.gifA memorial contribution was made by the American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 525, of Adena, Ohio.




bike-pgh.orgPromotional support was provided by Bike Pittsburgh, western Pennsylvania’s only cycling, advocacy, and awareness organization.




kraynicks.jpgKraynick’s Bike Shop and the Kraynick’s/Mezzatesta Cycling Team of Pittsburgh, PA


RudbergLogo.jpgRudberg Law Offices of Pittsburgh, PA

enricos.gifEnrico’s Tazza D’Oro Cafe and Espresso Bar of Pittsburgh, PA

 donated cycling gloves and socks.

PNC Bank made a contribution through their employee matching gift program.PNC Bank




Contact Appalachian Capital Management, Ltd. of St. Clairsville, Ohio for investment advisory services at 740-695-3434 or

Fisher Dental, a friendly family dental office located in Greentree, Pennsylvania, 412-922-3066.


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