Plymouth, WI to Ludington, MI

It was cloudy and cool again as we left Plymouth, like it was threatening rain again, but the rain held off. We stopped back at the Plymouth Family Restaurant for a breakfast buffet. I got on the road with Molly and Marisa, but ended up going on my own for a while, then sometimes riding with Bruce and Patti, or Brian and Meg.

This was one of the few days so far where we had favorable winds for a considerable portion of the ride, especially on a stretch of road called County Road X, where we were able to pedal at close to 30mph with seemingly no effort.

It was a short mileage day, about 40 miles to Manitowoc, WI. We got coffee and explored the two bike shops in town, then went to the nearby home of a woman named Kathy, a former Cycle America staffer member who allowed us to have our lunch stop at her house.

We changed into street clothes at Kathy’s place, then at a little past noon, we headed down as a group to the lakeshore to board the S.S. Badger, the ferry across Lake Michigan.

The ferry was a pleasant four-hour ride. I hung out on the deck for a while with Brian and Meg, and also enjoyed some of the free bingo on the game deck below with Colleen, Molly, Marisa, Robert, and a few others. Peter won a game of loser’s bingo. Brian and I had a Leinenkugel’s from the bar.

As we docked in Ludington, we entered our eighth state, and the final time zone (Eastern). We had to ride just a few miles through town to get to the Cartier Campground. After setting up our tents, most of us walked back to town to get dinner. I ended up at an Italian place called Luciano’s with David Butler, Todd from Philly, Colleen, Colin, both Matts, Molly, Marisa, and Sue. A few people stopped at the local microbrewery, but I headed straight back to camp with most everyone else.

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