Sunglasses provided by Tifosi Optics

I normally wear contact lenses, but I figured on a bike trip like this, where we’ll likely have to deal with less-than desirable sanitary conditions, it would be safer and more convenient just to stick with glasses.

Several years ago, I purchased a pair of cycling-specific sunglasses from another high-end company, along with a clip-in prescription adapter. While the sunglasses themselves were decent, I never really felt that I could see as well as I should have using the prescription adapter. Plus, a big drawback of any clip-in adapter is that in wet or foggy conditions, both the regular lens and the prescription adapter fog up. You have to unclip the adapter, then wipe the fog off of both the regular lenses and adapter. By the time you get them put back together, everything is bound to be fogged up all over again!

So, I began looking for sunglasses that could be fitted with regular prescription lenses. At Century Cycles, we have sold sunglasses from Tifosi Optics for a number of years, and I have used several different pair of them myself, and been quite satisfied with them. A select number of their styles are available with their DirectFit Rx technology. I asked them if they would be willing to provide me with a pair, and they very generously agreed.

I chose the frame style known as the Czar, and also chose the polarized lens option for better protection in the blazing Central American sun. I received them on July 24, and have tested them out on several bike rides since then. I am enourmously pleased with the style, fit, comfort, and most of all, the vision quality. Thank you very much, Tifosi!

Kevin in his Tifosi Optics Czar sunglasses with prescription lenses

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