Buffalo to Gillette, WY

Our breakfast was back at the Occidental Hotel, which was a delicious egg casserole and a strawberry champagne soup. I caught the second SAG van out, with Mary driving, and Robert, Charlie, Alis, and I along for the ride. Today’s route was pretty straightforward and uninteresting, along Interstate 90 to the city of Gillette (no, they don’t make razors there). We saw some pronghorn antelope right along the street leading to the Sage Valley Middle School in Gillette.

I took a walk about a mile down the road to check out the local bike shop, then stopped at the library on the way back and spent a couple of hours catching up on e-mail and typing this journal.

Dinner was at the Golden Corral, a buffet-style place. Most of us turned in early back at the school.

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