Fremont Fair and Tour Orientation

I got out of bed around 8:00am today and had the usual breakfast once again. I did a load of laundry, the stuff I had used since I got to Seattle. I re-packed the bags, and loaded them and the bike into Phil’s Ford Explorer again. We headed out a little after noon.

Today’s fun involved heading back into the city for the Fremont Fair, also known as the Summer Soltice Festival, in the neighborhood of Fremont. This was a street fair with the usual array of food, art, and craft vendors. We saw a restored statue of Lenin, plus lots of barely-dressed participants from the Soltice Parade.

We got lunch at an Indian food stand called Chutney’s, which was very good. We ducked into Dad Watson’s brew pub for a quick one; Phil and I both had a nitrogenated Dry Irish Stout, and Tracy got a Terminator Stout.

The Fremont area is pretty close to the University District; Phil and Tracy got me to the UW campus around 4:00pm, and we said our good-byes. I will miss them; they took good care of me over the past few days, and I had a really good visit.

Our tour check-in and accomodations for the night were at a fairly decent dormitory call McMahon Hall. My first job in the room was to unpack my bike and get it put back together, which went off without any hitches. By then it was time for dinner, so I hooked up with some of the other riders and tour staff to walk and find Roundtable Pizza, which was a few blocks from campus.

Back at McMahon after dinner, we assembled for our first Tour Talk, which is where the staff briefs us on details and highlights for the next day’s ride. At this first gathering, the staff also introduced themselves, and gave us a general breakdown of a typical day on the tour.

A dozen or so of us gathered on the patio and compared stories of past rides and our thoughts on the upcoming ride. Once again, the view of Mt. Rainier just over our shoulders was spectacular.

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