MRF 2006 Research Grants

On Wednesday night the Melanoma Research Foundation Board approved all named grants for 2006. As you might know, our priority goal is to attract young scientists to the field of melanoma research and have established our two-year, $100,000 junior investigator grants to do just that. This year we will award five first-year grants and three second-year renewal grants.

It is my pleasure to notify you and your family that one of our new junior investigator grants will be named in part in memory of George Madzia. The grant will be awarded to Dr. Mikhail Nikiforov at the University of Michigan. Dr. Nikiforov’s research is titled “Small Molecule Antagonists of Oncoprotein Myc as Inhibitors of Maligant Melanoma.” A layman’s write up on his two-year, $100,000 research grant will be in our Winter newsletter. This grant will be called “Award in Memory of Thomas W. Barner, Michael Benson, Warren C. Coloney, Art Fuller, Robert Hanson, Randy G. Johnson and George Madzia.”

We are all proud and grateful for what you, your family and friends did this past year and are most respectful in having this grant in memory of George Madzia.

Bill Marsch
The Melanoma Research Foundation

Research Grant Awarded in Memory of George Madzia

Dear Kevin,

MRF’s Board of Directors last night approved named research grants for 2005 and I am pleased to inform you that a co-shared grant will be named in George Madzia’s memory.

Dr. Mayumi Fujita from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver has received the Award in Memory of Kathy Domijan, George Madzia, Kathy Salling and Deb Sandry. This is a second-year, $50,000 grant. The title of her grant is “Yeast Vaccine: A Novel Melanoma Vaccine” and I have attached a description. I will also inform Dr. Fujita of the named award and will provide contact information for her to communicate directly with you.

As we have said often, the challenges still facing the melanoma community are many, but the opportunities available to the Melanoma Research Foundation to make significant and meaningful differences are so much greater. Our mission is clear — research, education and advocacy. With your continuing involvement and support, I am confident we will succeed in finding new, effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure. We will, as well, continue to expand our awareness/prevention messages, to develop meaningful educational resources for patients, families, and healthcare providers, and to raise the voice of the melanoma community in Washington DC.

We are proud to have been able to name this grant in your father’s memory. Thank you and best wishes to you and your family in 2005 from all of us.


William R. Marsch
Acting Executive Director
The Melanoma Research Foundation

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