Day 31: McAllen, TX

We decided to spend an extra day in McAllen in order to wrap up a few errands and get organized before crossing the border into Mexico. I finally got a chance to configure the Blackberry phone provided to us by T-Mobile and Sherwin-Williams. I boxed up my personal cell phone, along with a few other items that we had to send home, and Ray and I rode our bikes a few miles to the post office. A few blocks away was one of the local Sherwin-Williams stores, so we stopped in there to say hello and take some pictures. As we were talking to Liz, Raymond, and Laura from the store, who walked in but none other than District Manager Shane Weaver! We invited him to join us for dinner that evening, but he ended up having other commitments with customers.

We went for dinner with Curt and Francisco to a Vietnamese-Chinese place called Hop Tung.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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