Day 29: Jourdanton, TX to Alice, TX

Michele cooked us a great breakfast of eggs and soy chorizo, plus rich coffee, of course. Mark drove us in his pickup again to the southern end of San Antonio. We weren’t going to ask, but since we had mentioned that we had planned to go to Jourdanton the previous day, he was nice enough to drive us all the way down there to help us get a good start for the day. That was very helpful, as now we could still make it all the way to Alice, on schedule to meet the folks from Sherwin-Williams waiting for us there.

It was 104 miles of very flat terrain, usually with smooth pavement and a good, wide shoulder to ride on. We followed Route 16 south to Tilden, where we stopped at Wheeler’s general store for lunch. We cut east on Route 72 to Three Rivers, a small town dominated by the local Valero oil refinery. Then is was straight south on Route 281, through George West, until we arrived in Alice in the dark.

We called our local contacts from Sherwin-Williams, and within a couple of minutes were picked up by Ben Sanchez, the local store manager, and Ryan Tomayo, the assistant manager. Ryan drove us out to his home, about a dozen miles outside of town. We were followed by Shane Weaver, Sherwin-Williams’ District Manager for the area. At Ryan’s house, they had a grill all ready to get fired up, and we enjoyed steaks, beans, rice, and corn on the cob while we watched the Dallas Cowboys vs. Greean Bay Packers on TV.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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