Day 27: Austin, TX to Spring Branch, TX

The first part of our route out of Austin today took us into real Texas Hill Country, and they aren’t kidding when they say hills. We took Lost Creek Blvd. and Barton Creek Rd. through some very ritzy housing developments, up and down several very steep hills. This finally led us to the Oak Hill suburb on the soutwest side of the city, where we stopped at the local Sherwin-Williams store. We chatted and got photos with Store Manager Greg Ross and Assistant Manager Adam. We got some breakfast just up the road at Jim’s Restaurant, then headed out on US Route 290.

We passed through the town of Dripping Springs, home of Lance Armstrong. This appeared to be a formerly sleepy little town that is now booming with many new strip malls and housing developments. We took a shortcut off of the main highway on Route 165, which led to the town of Blanco and a very nice little cafe called The Deutsch Apple Bakery, where we had a delicious apple muffin and coffee snack. From there, we headed down US Route 281 South, which leads straight into the northern San Antonio suburb of Spring Branch.

We stopped by the brand-new Sherwin Williams store, just opened three weeks ago, and talked to Robert, the Assistant Manager. Also waiting for us there was a Blackberry phone provided to us by Sherwin-Williams and T-Mobile, for our use after we leave the United States. T-Mobile also provided us with a pair of backpacks containing some snacks and t-shirts.

We got in touch with our friend Tom, who happened to live less than a mile away. He met us at the store, and we followed him home, where he and his wife April prepared us a dinner of lasagna and cheeseburgers.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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