Day 26: Austin, TX

We were enjoying the rest in Austin so much that we decided to take one more day off here to relax and decompress some more, as well as catch up on a few more errands. Mainly, I had to find a box to ship the Xtracycle back home in, so we found a UPS store further out in the hills on the western side of the city. They did not have any boxes big enough, however, but they directed us to a bike shop just up the road. We stopped next door at Austin’s Pizza to grab some lunch first.

The bike shop (Spin City Cycling) just happened to have received a bike frame in the mail that day, and had the box from it that looked to be just the right size, so they let us have it. We went back to the house and packed up the Xtracycle, as well as a few other items that we had decided we could live without.

In the evening, Alison, Ray, and I we met up with Johnny again for dinner at Mother’s Cafe.

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