Day 24: College Station, TX to Austin, TX

The selections at the Days Inn breakfast buffet were a little weak for the needs of touring cyclists, so we stopped back in at the Kettle for breakfast. As we left the hotel room, Ray noticed another flat tire, so he took care of that before we got rolling. He got another one just a few miles outside of town, making a total of 8 flats for him so far on the trip. He was running low on spare tubes, so I gave him my spare Slime Heavy Duty tube to use.

Despite the filling dinner and breakfast, I felt very tired and lacking in energy most of the morning, even though the route was relatively flat. To avoid traffic and go a more direct way, we picked a minor county road based on looking at our road map, even though there were signs at the beginning of the road warning us that it was closed about 8 miles ahead. It ended up okay, though, as it was not really closed, there were just a couple of short patches of dirt and gravel surface where some sections of pavement had yet to be replaced. Outside the town of Rockdale, we stopped for a very delicious lunch at a place called Becky’s Sandwiches & More. The good meal made me feel much better for the rest of the day’s ride.

As we approached Austin, we stopped in the suburb of Round Rock and contacted our friends Phil and Alison. Phil gave us very good and detailed directions through the city to their home, which was about another 20 miles; we ended up arriving almost at dark. We drove with Alison out for dinner to Mangia’s for very satisfying deep-dish pizzas.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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