Madison County Herald and Marshall Ramsey

The other day, we had the pleasure of speaking by phone to Leah Square of the Madison County Herald, based just outside of the state capitol of Jackson, Mississippi. Her resulting story appeared in today’s edition of the paper. Thank you to Leah, and also thanks go out to freelance photographer Will Smith (no, not THAT Will Smith), who provided the photos included with the story.

You can read the story online at here (no longer available).

Another big thank you goes to Marshall Ramsey, editorial cartoonist for the Clarion-Ledger of Jackson, and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, and is nationally syndicated by the Copley News Service. Marshall also happens to be a melanoma survivor; he stopped by when we were visiting the Madison, MS Sherwin-Williams store to offer his support. Thanks, Marshall, and thanks for writing about us here on your blog.

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