Day 11: Grand Rivers, KY to Waverly, TN

We got some breakfast at Mr. BBQ in Grand Rivers, then followed the main road south out of town, which leads directly into the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. The road was gently rolling and pleasant, but it seemed like most of the scenic routes were on side roads, where we would have had to detour off of the main road, which we were not inclined to do. We were looking forward to seeing the Bison & Elk Prairie area after seeing signs for it, but when we got there, it turned out to be a drive-through park; no bicycles allowed.

About halfway through the recreation area, we crossed into Tennessee. In the southern half of the area, the hills started to get a little more frequent and steeper, and the riding got a little tougher. When we exited the recreation area, we also turned off of the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route for good, and headed toward the town of Dover, where we found the Dover Grille for lunch, then headed on through Erin.

Just outside of Erin, Ray go our first flat tire for the trip. He made quick work of the fix, and we were on our way again in about 10 minutes. The rest of the ride into Waverly, there was more hills, as well as some stiff headwinds. We were pretty hungry when we got to town, so we headed straight into a bar called the Boardwalk and ordered a couple of pizzas.

We had located the Loretta Lynn Campground and Resort on the map, but it was about 8 miles south of town, and by this time, we would have had to make that ride in the dark, so instead, we decided to just grab a room at the Imperial Lodge motel on the edge of town.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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