Tri-Flow sponsors 8-month bike ride for melanoma

From the Sherwin-Williams Company Intranet

Ray Query and Kevin Madzia are raising money for melanoma research by riding their bikes to Argentina. The pair, who work at Century Cycles, started their 8-month journey this past Sunday from Cleveland. Tri-Flow, a Sherwin-Williams brand best known to on and off-road cyclists as a manufacturer of high-quality cleaners, degreasers and lubricants, is sponsoring the trip with financial support. Also joining in the support are Sherwin-Williams stores and facilities along the 15,000 mile journey.

Send-off in Rockefeller Park with Diversified Brands employee Jose Martinez

When Jose Martinez, Diversified Brands, first brought this Pan-American ride to the company’s attention, we were amazed by the challenge that his friends were about to take on. But, Kevin Madzia and Ray Query are up to the task of cycling over 15,000 miles in eight months. The goal of the trip to Argentina is to raise money and awareness in the fight against melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, in honor of Kevin’s father.

Once we learned that one of our products, Tri-Flow lubricants would be indispensible to the journey, the brand generously stepped up support for these very valuable customers toward their very worth cause. In addition to making a generous contribution to their fundraising goal, Kevin and Ray are outfitted in Tri-Flow gear and have plenty of product to get them to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world.

Beyond the support in getting the cyclists on their way, they will visit Sherwin-Williams stores and facilities throughout North, Central, and South America. Since their departure on Sunday August 24th from Rockefeller Park, they’ve met Sherwin ‘family’ in Delaware and Xenia, Ohio (thanks to Jared and Denise in Xenia for the thoughtful care packages). Now it’s onto Maysville, Kentucky where Manager Tom Hendrickson is awaiting their arrival.

Look for more updates as Kevin and Ray continue on their journey and visit members of the Sherwin-Williams family along the way.

Kevin and Ray would like to express their sincere gratitude for the Sherwin hospitality they’ve experienced thus far!

To follow their blog and/or support the cause, please check out Miles 4 Melanoma. At this site, you can see their current location, and learn about their route. Additional questions can be directed to Maria Haller at Sherwin-Williams.

Stop in Xenia, Ohio store with Manager Jared Bougneit and Associate Denise Kepler.

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