Day 6: Maysville, KY to Dry Ridge, KY

We got on the road after enjoying the breakfast buffet at The French Quarter Inn. The first part of the ride took us up a very steep, winding road out of the river valley. The climb is made up of Sutton Street, North 4th Street, and Lexington Pike, but is more commonly known as the Buffalo Trace. It reminded me of Sycamore Street back in Pittsburgh, only longer.

Not far from the top of the hill was the Sherwin-Williams store, where we again met Tom Hendrickson, along with his wife Jeannie. They gave us a first aid kit, which we hope not to use, but will come in handy if needed.

More steep hills and many dogs giving chase marked today’s ride. I found that the best defense against a barking dog is to bark right back. At one point, we started looking at our nearly-empty water bottles, and looking at the map with a list of towns saying “No Services.” However, in the village of Bladeston, we came across an auto service shop, and they graciously let us fill our bottle in their fountain.

Just down the road from Bladeston, we had our first minor mechanical issue of the trip. I noticed that the rack holding my left front pannier seemed a little wobbly. I stopped and removed the pannier, and tried to tighten the bolt holding the rack in place. As I turned the wrench, the bolt popped loose; I’m not sure if the threads on the bolt stripped or the boss on the fork leg stripped. Ray and I got it fixed by using a longer bolt with a nut on the inside to hold it all together.

We stopped for more liquid refills and a snack at the market in Lenoxburg. The owner happened to notice us looking over the UGRR map, and asked us to sign his log sheet of UGRR bicyclists. We noticed that during this year, other people had signed in from places as far away as Austrailia.

We stopped for lunch as the Assemly Cafe in Falmouth. Even with more hills and more sun and heat in the afternoon, we planned to go as far as Sparta to spend the night in the campground there, but a looming thunderstorm on the horizon made us decide to cut it 20 miles shorter and grab a cheap motel room in the city of Dry Ridge. Dinner was at The Country Grill.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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