Day 5: Xenia, OH to Maysville, KY

In return for their hospitality, we treated Anne and Chuck to breakfast at Waffle House before getting a lift to return to our route in Xenia. We stopped by the Sherwin-Williams store again for an interview with WDTN-TV. Chuck planned to join us on the bike trail for a few miles, but Chuck had a flat tire, and so he bowed out in order not to delay us, so Ray, Anne, and I headed out. We said our good-byes to Anne as she turned around in Spring Valley.

Further along the bike trail, Ray indulged in his pastime of looking for local wildlife, especially salamanders. He found one right away, and also pointed out a fossil that looked like some kind of scallop-shelled creature, and a pig-snout nut.

The trail ended 50 miles later in Milford, which also corresponded to the end of Section 2 of the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route maps. We stopped by Bishop’s Bicycles in town, where we were referred to the Bridge Cafe for a delicious lunch. Then it was back on the road.

The route was very hilly for the rest of the day, and we started to realize we got more than we bargained for in the day’s plan when we stopped for a break around 5:00pm and realized we still had over 40 miles to cover to reach Maysville. We pressed on, and were relieved when the final descent from the hills took us to the Ohio River valley in the town of Ripley. But that wasn’t the end yet; there were still 7 miles of road downstream to Aberdeen, then finally across the river (and our first stateline crossing) into Kentucky and the town of Maysville. The final mileage for the day ended up at 116.5.

A special thanks the Sherwin-Williams District Manager Marco Cline, who arranged a room for us at the French Quarter Inn in the downtown historic district. The Inn provided the room at half cost, so a thank-you to them for their support, as well.

We called Tom Hendrickson, Manager of the local Sherwin-Williams store. He picked us up at the hotel and treated us to dinner at Mi Camino Real Mexican Restaurant. After he dropped us off, on his recommendation we stopped over at O’Rourke’s Pub for a quick beverage.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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