Day 4: Powell, OH to Xenia, OH

We headed out around 8:30am and made our way out of Powell, through Dublin, and to the village of Jerome, which put us back on the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route. There was a light sprinkle of rain all morning, but not enough to soak us, so it was a pleasant break from the sun and heat of the previous two days.

We stopped for lunch at The Country Table in West Jefferson. Not far out of town, the route turned onto the Ohio to Erie Trail bike path. This made for a pleasant ride through London a few other small towns. In South Charleston, we were amused by the “store hours” sign of the Surf ‘n’ Cycle shop (by appointment only). The bike trail took us all the way to Xenia.

We had made arrangements with our friend Anne to pick us up at the Xenia Station bike hub. Anne’s friend Chuck from Columbus was already there; Anne showed up just a few minutes after we did. She came in her big green “child molester” van (her description), which provided plenty of room for us and our bikes. And, she also brought a cooler of beverages and snacks, so we enjoyed a refreshing picnic right there at Xenia Station before heading over to the local Sherwin-Williams store.

At the store, the Jared and Denise presented us with gifts boxes containing Sherwin-Willimas t-shirts and other items, such as hand sanitizer, toilet paper, water, candy, and energy bars–all very useful and very much appreciated!

Before heading to Anne’s house, we made a detour to the town of Yellow Springs. We stopped into Ye Olde Trail Tavern for a beverage and a helping of their specialty, deep fried green beans. Back in the comfort of Anne’s home, we were treated to a lasagna dinner, and then had time to catch up on e-mail, do some laundry, and catch up on other chores.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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