Recovery in Gloucester, MA

In the morning, I said a few final good-byes to those catching the vans to the airport. I got some breakfast in town with Molly and Marisa. Back at the school, I said a few more good-byes to my fellow riders and some of the staff, and got my bags packed up for the last time. I also had to get my bike back into the travel case for the shipment home.

My mom, my brother, and his family picked me up again at the school. We headed into town and relaxed for a while on the public beach, then decided to take a whale-watching cruise. It ended up being on the same boat that our party was on last night. Later, we went up to an arts community area called Rocky Neck and had a delicious lobster dinner. We went back to their hotel to turn in for the night.

The next day, we went to Walden Pond in Concord, MA to spent some time before heading to the Boston airport. Our flight to Pittsburgh was thankfully uneventful. After we dropped my things off at my apartment, I followed them back out of town so we could get some dinner. It felt very odd to sit behind the wheel of my vehicle, after having not driven at all for over two months.

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