Sodus to Fulton, NY

It rained through most of the night, but cleared up by the time we left this morning. It was another relatively short day of 74 miles. The terrain is starting to get a little more hilly again, looking a little like hoome. Bruce and I got to the lunch stop at mil 44 around 10:00am. It was in a nice spot in the city of Oswego, on the bank of the Oswego Canal where the canal meets Lake Ontario.

We left lunch with Mike from Minnesota and Tauna, and stopped in town for a cup of coffee. We were back on the route at 11:30. The route had gone a good bit north to get to Oswego, then back south and backtracked a bit west to get to Fulton. Some people chose to go due east all day, skipping the lunch stop and Oswego altogether. We had some strong headwinds for the last five miles heading west into Fulton. Bruce and I stopped for a milkshake at the city visitor center, near a small lake.

On our way back through town towards Fulton High School, we passed a NASCAR-themed bar called Nasbar (get it?). There were a bunch of bicycles outside; I decided to stop in, while Bruce went on to the school. Robert, Brian, and Meg had taken the shortcut to Fulton and had been here since 11:30am. Molly and Marisa had done the full ride, been to the school and showered, and were doing their laundry (the laundromat was right next door to the bar). Scott, Kira, and a few others stopped in straight off the route as well. We enjoyed several drinks, and played a bunch of our favorite tunes on the jukebox. I finally made myself head to the school around 4:30, and got showered and ready for dinner.

We were shuttled in the vans to the local Golden Corral for dinner. After Tour Talk back at the school, I bought a new tire from Jeremy and installed it on my front wheel. The old tire that I had put on last night turned out to be not as good as I had thought, it had a slight bulge in it that I could feel throughout the ride today.

Some people were heading out into town again, which I thought I would have liked to do, but I decided I better do my laundry for the week. I was later glad that I did; now I will just have to do it one more time for the trip, some time next week. I got to bed a little after 10:00pm.

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