Niagara Falls, ON to Albion, NY

We rode into downtown Niagara Falls, and stopped for breakfast at the Minolta Tower, with its spectacular view of the falls. The falls were partially visible when I first arrived, shrouded in mist and fog, but as we ate, the fog built up even more until it completely blocked the view below. Leaving town, we rode across the Rainbow Bridge; the thick fog persisted here as well, as we encountered a near white-out on the bridge. We made the border crossing without any hassle.

The road was pretty rough and full of traffic as we worked our way out of the region surrounding the city of Niagara Falls. After that, we followed beautiful, smooth country roads along the Niagara River and the south shore of Lake Ontario. I rode mode of the day with Bruce; Colin joined us about halfway to lunch. The lunch stop was in a park right on the lakeshore, at the 50-mile mark for the day.

Matt Olson and Robert joined us for the remaining 25 miles to Albion. Bruce and I stopped in town for an ice cream snack. After I went on to Albion High School and got showered, I walked back into town to the public library to catch up on e-mail.

After dinner, I took my bike over to Jeremy and had him remove the stem riser, so I will now be riding my bike with the normal setup.

We took up a collection to help Matt Sheehan pay for a new bike, which he plans to shop for in Rochester this week. Until then, we is riding the spare staff bike, so he has not missed any miles of the tour.

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