Mt. Pleasant to Frankenmuth, MI

We went back over to Immanuel Lutheran Church for breakfast (awesome pancakes), then headed out for today’s 85-mile ride. Despite the lower mileage, today’s route felt like more of a grind than yesterday’s, as it was mostly flat, with a bit more headwinds and cross-winds. I rode all day with Jane, who has gotten quite strong during the trip, and is now impressively fast.

Lunch was under a pleasant picnic shelter in the town of St. Charles. Once we got to Frankenmuth (a Bavarian-style village), a group of us stopped in the local microbrewery for snacks and refreshments. Their Irish Stout was very good. I was going to go back there later in the evening, but I laid down for a little nap after dinner and ended up sleeping through the entire evening.

Just as I reached downtown Frankenmuth this afternoon, my bike computer turned over 2000 miles total for the trip. A couple other people who had ridden the entire route since Seattle said that they turned over 3000 miles at that same point.

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