Northfield, MN to Pepin, WI

It was another pretty cold morning as we got started today; my thermometer only read 50 degrees. Breakfast was on-route today, so that had some snacks at the school to help get us started; I just grabbed a Kudos bar and a banana. Breakfast was at a diner about 20 miles into the route, in the town of Cannon Falls, which also happens to be the home office of Cycle America.

Just after breakfast, we entered the Cannon Valley Trail, a paved rail-trail. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous, purely out of superstition, since this was the first bike trail I had to ride on since the accident on the trail in Idaho. But I made it without incident for the 20 miles of trail to the town of Red Wing, where we had lunch.

After lunch, Bruce and I joined up with Debbie from DC and Patty from Sacramento, two new riders this week. We rode around a bit to see if there was anything worth seeing in town. Just outside of town, we crossed a bridge over the Mississippi River into Wisconsin. Most of the rest of the route was a very scenic road bordering Lake Pepin, which was formed where the Chippewa River joins the Mississippi. When we arrived in Pepin, we stopped for the traditional coffee shop to eat our PBJ sandwiches; I opted for a chocolate malt instead of the usual iced mocha.

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