Miller to DeSmet, SD

Today was the first day that we were forced to start the ride in the rain. It was a welcome change to me, though, as it wasn’t raining too hard, and it kept the sun and heat away for the first twenty or so miles of the ride.

The lunch stop was in the town of Huron, in a park under a nice picnic shelter. It didn’t start getting very hot until the last fifteen or so miles into De Smet. The terrain was mostly flat; there was some headwind, but nowhere near as much as yesterday. I rode the whole day with Bruce. Just at the De Smet town line, we met Laura from Illinois, who is with the tour just for the week. The three of us stopped for ice cream at the local Dairy Queen, where we saw Molly and Marisa doing the same. While everyone else headed on to the high school, I took a few extra minutes to explore the small downtown area.

De Smet is notable as the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of “Little House on the Prairie.”

After dinner at the school, I walked back into town with Laura, Lynette (the oboe player from California), Bruce, Brian, and David Butler. We stopped to look at the Ingalls house on the way, then had a quick beer at the Dugout Lounge.

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