Rest day in Pierre, SD

I got a good nine hours of sleep last night, then got up at 8:00 as a few of us loaded up our laundry on our bikes and rode towards town to the laundromat. While a clothes spun, I got breakfast at the Country Kitchen with Robert, Bruce, and Colin (and where we happened to see our waitress from Jack’s). After I took my laundry back to camp, I rode back into town to check out the local bike shop, but unfortunately, it was closed on Sunday. I rode to the edge of town, and picked up a few necessities at the Wal-Mart, including a six-pack cooler and some bungee cords that I am going to use as a poor-man’s trunk rack bag. I went across the street to check out the small local mall just for laughs, where I got myself a personal mushroom pizza for lunch. Then I headed to the local library to catch up on e-mail and journal typing.

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