Interior to Philip, SD

A gear problem this morning – as I was taking my tent down, one of the poles snapped in half. I had to cut the stretch cord inside in order to get it out of the tent’s pole sleeve.

We went to the A&M Cafe once again for breakfast, then proceeded into the entrance of Badlands National Park just outside of town. Twenty-nice miles of our router went through the heart of the Badlands. The road was a lot more hilly than I had remembered from driving through it ten years ago, but the scenery was as amazing as I remembered.

As we exited the Badlands, we entered the town of Wall, home of the infamous Wall Drug Store, where Bruce and I stopped for milk shakes. I also picked up a tent pole repair kit. Our lunch stop was at the nearby community park. It was another 32 miles of rolling farmland until we reached Philip, for a total of 71 miles for the day. Bruce, David Butler, Jane, and I stopped at a convenience store on the main corner of town for a quick refreshment, then proceeded up the block to Philip High School.

Dinner, Tour Talk, and the weekly awards ceremony were at The Steakhouse Restaurant and Lounge. Meg and Brian presented me with a bouncing ball, in honor of my bouncing back onto the tour after my injury.

Back at the school, Colin helped me figure out how to fix my tent pole. The metal sleeve of the repair kit I bought did not fit my tent pole, but Colin had one in his kit that fit. Replacing the strech cord and getting the pole segments back together was like a Rubik’s Cube puzzle, but once you do it once, you will get the secret…

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