Devils Tower to Newcastle, WY

I felt pretty good when I woke up at 5:30am, so I decided to ride the first half of the route, which was about 43 miles. I got dressed in my bike gear, packed up the tent and everything else, then got to breakfast at the KOA diner by about 6:30. I headed out on the ride by 7:15 with David Butler, Jane, and Jane’s partner John, who came in from England to join us for this week of the tour. John also happens to be the National Time Trial Champion of England for the 50-60 age group. At the first water stop, I hung back and rode the rest of the way to lunch with Meg, Brian, and Bruce. I still felt pretty good at lunch, like I could have done the remaining 32 miles of the route, but decided to stick to my plan to play it safe. I caught a ride into Newcastle with Ryan driving the second SAG van.

Our dinner and overnight was at the Weston County Senior Center. The air conditioning was the best we had seen so far, but there were issues with the hot water once again. I was glad later that I had decided not to bike the rest of the way in, as I felt pretty tired in the van, plus I seem to have caught a cold. I heard a couple of other people mention having it, but everyone seems to not want to talk about it for fear of being blamed for passing it around.

I am now able to floss my teeth again for the first time since the accident.

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