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[Note: These stories about the Coast-to-Coast bicycle ride appeared on the Adena News web site during the summer of 2004.]

Area News

Adena native Kevin Madzia is planning to ride with a group called Cycle America. Kevin’s fundraising bicycle ride starts in Seattle, Washington on June 20th and ends in Gloucester, Massachusetts on August 21st. The Cycle America individuals of the group ride for the charity of their choice. Kevin has chosen to ride for melanoma because of his father, George Madzia, who succumbed to cancer in November of 2002. Kevin will average about 75 miles per day over a period of nine weeks, for a total of 4,200 miles.

Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so on-line through Kevin’s web site (

If you donate over $52, you will receive a “Miles for Melanoma” t-shirt from The Melanoma Research Foundation.


August…Kevin Madzia, a native of Adena, is participating in a cross-country bike ride to raise money and awarness of Melanoma.

The ride will cover 4,200 miles from Seattle to Massachusetts from June 20th (Father’s Day) to August 20th in honor of his father, George, who died in November 2002.

On June 24, near Harrison, Idaho, Kevin was involved in an accident with another cyclist in the group and broke his collarbone. Sticking with the tour, he rode along in the support van.

Some of his fellow cyclists decided to ride for The Melanoma Research Foundation on his behalf.

Kevin wishes to extend thanks for the donations received. Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so on-line through his web site

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