West Yellowstone, MT to Ashton, ID

It rained quite a bit overnight, so many people got a late start after packing up wet tents and other gear. Many also slept later than usual, as the mileage today is relatively short at 60. I got my tent packed up (again thanks to Robert), then waited until Kira and I were able to leave in the second SAG van at almost 8:30am.

The highlight of today’s ride was the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway, aka Idaho State Route 47. We stopped briefly at the Lower Mesa Falls, which is where the lunch stop was. After grabbing a sandwich and a few snacks to go, we backtracked about a half-mile to the Upper Mesa Falls, but did not go in, because we did not feel like paying the park fee required in this area.

We got to the North Fremont High School in Ashton, ID fairly early. After Kira helped unload the baggage truck and got the weekly mail from the post office, she drove me down to the clinic in St. Anthony, another town about 14 miles away. They were able to see me fairly promptly. They took an x-ray, and Dr. Stephen Cheyne said that it did not look much different from the original one from the day of the accident last week. He said that this was neither good nor bad, just normal considering the severity of the break. He called in to refill my painkiller prescription, and sent me on my way, suggesting that I not bother getting another check for about three weeks. Kira and I stopped in the Falls Drug store up the street in town to pick up the pills, then headed back to Ashton. I turned in early, not long after dinner and Tour Talk. For this week’s awards ceremony, I gave to Meg a small pamphlet about bowling that I had found in Ennis, due to her performance the other night at the Lucky Lanes in Townsend.

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