Lincoln to Townsend, MT

Another fairly uneventful day in the SAG van. Meryl drove; the other passengers were Alis, and Robert from Georgia, who has been having knee trouble.

The morning had what looked like another fun and challenging climb for those on the bikes. It was over Flesher Pass, which was over 6000 feet in elevation.

Our stop for the night was in the town of Townsend, where we arrived around 11:30am. I caught up on this writing until the library opened at 2:00pm, then went and checked e-mail. Robert and I walked around the small downtown area a bit. I napped for about a half-hour before dinner.

The quote of the day came from Jane during Tour Talk. We had passed another group of cyclists today. Jane talked to them for a bit and learned that they were on a two-week, 900-mile tour, staying in hotels along the way. Jane said to them (and you have to imagine this in her proper British accent): “Are we the first people you’ve met who are not impressed by what you’re doing?”

After Tour Talk, I went along along to watch Richard, Becky, Marisa, and Meg roll two games at Lucky Lanes.

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