Missoula to Lincoln, MT

Jeremy, the head bike mechanic on the staff, drove the SAG van today, and I was the only passenger. We had to make a couple of stops, one to drop off David from California at the airport, plus stops at FedEx and the Post Office.

It was a fairly pretty drive today; lots of pine-covered hills and mountains, streams, and a few deer. We arrived in Lincoln, MT around 11:30am. This town is known for being the home of Theodore Kazinsky, aka the Unabomber. There didn’t seem to be much to see or do in town, so after Jeremy and Alice unloaded the baggage truck, I decided to ride out with Jeremy again as he did the afternoon SAG support. We got back into town again around 3:30. The local library was right across the road from the Lincoln Public School where we were staying, and it opened at 4:00, so I went over to catch up on e-mail.

I thought it best to take it easy and get some rest tonight. The usual gang headed out the local bars, but I stayed in the gym and talked with Richard, Molly and Marisa from DC, Jane, Bonne from George, Aussie Matt, and Colleen. Went to bed at 10:00pm and slept pretty well until about 6:30am.

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