Rest day in Missoula, MT

Walked back into town for breakfast at a café called The Raven with Jane from England, David and Ken from California, and Meg from Massachusetts. Walked back to camp with Jane, stopping at a bike shop to help her pick out a new helmet. We also stopped for a few groceries; most important for me were floss sticks, and a box of baby wipes to use in lieu of showering. Ken and Meg walked to the REI, so I had them pick me up a bottle of rinse-free shampoo.

I used these supplies to get cleaned up, and put on some fresh clothes. I took another walk into town with Colleen from Portland, Maine, and Robert from Georgia. They got some Mexican food for lunch, while I did some more shopping. I picked up a nice Prana shirt on sale at a store called Trail Head.

Colleen and I went to the local theater to see Fahrenheit 9/11, where we saw Richard in line, and afterwards saw Marisa from DC, and Sue from Bend, Oregon. This theater happened to be the only one in Montana that was scheduled to run this film. We walked back to camp to get ready for dinner, and met a few of the new people joining us for the next week of the tour.

After dinner, I went out with Brian from Oklahoma, and Becky, who is from Nevada near Lake Tahoe. We tried to find the local microbrewery, which was supposed to be just a couple of blocks away from camp. However, we found out from a local resident that it had moved to the other side of town within the past year. So, we found a place called The Bridge Lounge not too far away, and had a couple pitchers of an organic porter. I don’t remember the name of it or what brewery it comes from, but it was good.

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