Electric City to Spokane, WA

Biked back to the Electric City VFW for breakfast at 6:30am. There was about a six-mile climb to get us out of the valley of the dam region. Although today’s route was somewhat easier than yesterday’s for most riders, I was starting to notice the effects of the fourth straight high-mileage day. The views were still great, but it also felt like more of the same—mercilessly rolling hills through fields of wheat and barley as far as the eye could see.

I started riding with Lisa, a staff member from Southern California, early in the day, and our paces seemed to match pretty well, so we stayed together for the duration of today’s route. The campus of Gonzaga University in Spokane was a welcome site. I had just enough time to catch up on e-mail at the library before having a delicious dinner at the cafeteria. Later, some of the usual gang headed to The Bulldog bar, but we made it an early night so as to try to get an early start and beat the heat tomorrow. The dormitory rooms were hot, especially on the upper floor where my assigned room was, so I took my blanket and ended up sleeping most of the night on a couch in the basement near the laundry room.

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