Seattle, WA

Got out of bed at 8:00am, relatively early considering the activities of the previous two days. Had some granola and yogurt, and a banana for breakfast.

This afternoon, Phil, Tracy, and I spent the afternoon as Seattle tourists, having a walking lunch through the many stands of the Seattle Public Market. I had a hombow (a soft, fresh bun filled with bbq’d pork, a requirement every time I visit Seattle), a chili dog, clam chowder, a peach, and some bubble tea.

Back and Phil and Tracy’s, I hit the couch and finally got caught up on sleep for a couple of hours. Actually, it ended up being just enough time to be hungry again for dinner. The three of us hit the nearby Celtic Bayou, an Irish-style brewpub featuring cajun dinner entrees. The beers I tried were a nitrogenated pale ale, and an English-style bitter. Later, we retired to the home theater once again and watched “Desperado.”

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